I am a 23-year veteran personal trainer and yes, I promote myself as a Keto Coach. Some may ask, “Why should I listen to you?” and that’s a fair question. For my entire fitness career, I have been a relentless self-experimenter and have spent thousands of hours questioning the validity of every strength, conditioning, and nutritional protocol. A series of discoveries, both with myself and the hundreds who have put their faith in me as my clients, have given me a front row seat to what works, what is trending, and what is a downright scam.

I’m the ‘in the trenches’ guy. By no means do I imply that I know everything about this stuff. I have learned from the best in the field through extensive reading, research, and rigorous application. My job has been to take all this information, exhaustively research it, live it, perform trial and error, understand and assimilate it and whittle it down into bite-sized portions for you to devour. To be clear, everything I suggest here for you is WHAT I DO every day, and I can coach you through it too. I will help you travel down the road and help you avoid many mistakes and screw-ups I’ve made along the way. I still work in my gym nearly every day serving over 40 clients and many others online through remote coaching. For those clients who choose to live a ketogenic lifestyle, I’m available daily to gauge progress and help navigate that road with them. Living a ketogenic lifestyle, and helping others of all shapes, sizes, genders, and ages give me a unique advantage.

As I said, I’m not the scientist in the lab conducting the research—I’m the boots on the ground. The brilliant and talented people leading the charge and paving the way through their research are the real heroes. My job is to take their work and apply it to real folks in the real world. I can tell you with great confidence that this information has helped me reach the best level of health I have ever known; my 49-year-old body performs arguably better than it did a decade ago. It’s also important to note that my health markers are perfect and I use zero prescription drugs. I perform well, feel great, sleep great, and am confidently and enthusiastically looking forward to the future armed with this knowledge. What I have learned I now hope to help you discover and put into action.

My journey began back in 2006 when I adopted a Paleo diet, right at the time when the diet was emerging and still quite underground. I read and studied the Paleo godfathers: Sisson, Wolf, Gedgaudas, Taubes, Kruse, De Vany, and dozens of others. I applied this ideology at the gym for many years with very good success. However, Paleo and the orthodox paleo establishment left me feeling that something was missing: I was on the right path but hadn’t fully discovered what I was looking for. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors would have gone days at a time without much food. They would need to be able to perform under severe caloric deprivation and thrive with less. Then I found it! The miracle metabolic environment to excel in periods of intermittent fasting, while sparing muscle (not burning it), and without the pain of cravings and incessant hunger. Hello, ketosis. Ketosis filled in the gaps for me.

I tried keto for the first time back in 2009 with great success. At that time, very few research dollars went into ketogenic studies on athletes and strength aficionados. Unfortunately, when I went back to high-intensity training, I believed the dogma that you could not do keto if you were a serious strength athlete. I reverted back to a traditional bodybuilding diet in 2015 when I decided to check off a bucket list item and compete in a bodybuilding contest at 46 years old. Even though I finished 2nd in the heavyweight division, all the food, calories, and carbs associated with the typical bodybuilding culture were doing serious metabolic damage, and I felt like crap. I abandoned the bodybuilding contest prep because I wanted to go back to feeling great again like I did on keto. I read Jeff S. Volek and Stephen D. Phinney, waded through a ton of research by Dominick D’Agostino, Dr. Jacob Wilson, Peter Attia, Ron Rosedale, Dr. Eric Westman, and many others in the field and had several revelations. Not long after I returned to keto and was fully adapted again, I felt amazing. And I was pleased and stunned that I could retain a high level of muscularity on keto while burning fat like a match though paper. All inflammation ceased, my energy skyrocketed, and an overall sense of wellness flooded my body. Cravings ceased, chronic hunger vanished, and my mental acuity was at its highest in years. I have continued to maintain a strict ketogenic protocol since and feel better at 49 than I did at 29.

Today we see striking research being done on Navy SEALs following a ketogenic protocol helping to suppress their appetite, lose fat, build muscle, hold their breath longer, and bolster their strength and performance. We see athletes of all types thriving and setting PRs. In my own coaching and training practice, I’m seeing dozens of cases of double-digit fat reduction, and the restoration of health with the lab reports to back it up. I see triglyceride numbers in the 400’s plummet to under 100, I see toxic statin drugs being flushed down the toilet, blood pressure normalized, cholesterol optimized, improved cognition, improved sleep, type 2 diabetes reversed, and many more profound benefits being reported daily from real people. It’s time to cultivate your true genetic expression that you are hard-wired with. You are meant to thrive as a fat burner, not a sugar burner.

Neolithic diseases, along with a myriad of metabolic distresses, came along with the advent of agriculture. The orchestrated scam that took hold back in the 1950s, that ultimately led to the misguided recommendation of a high-carb/low-fat diet, saw obesity and poor health skyrocket. Once Big Agra aligned with Big Pharma and the medical establishment, it didn’t take long to realize that there are big profits in disease and obesity. We are now learning that cancer is not a genetic disease but, rather, a metabolic disease. And Alzheimer’s is a metabolic disease, not a genetic disease — and can be prevented! We’ve learned that heart disease is not caused by saturated fats and cholesterol, but rather from oxidation and inflammation due to stress and the intake of sugars, carbohydrates, vegetable oils, and processed foods. We’ve learned that saturated fat is healthful and necessary, while trans fats and vegetable oils are major causes of disease and metabolic distress. A well-formulated nutritional ketosis protocol coupled with exercise, proper recovery, and stress reduction, can reduce the risk of cancer to single digits and all but eliminate the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

In just the past two years we’ve been able to crush some of the lingering criticisms of a ketogenic diet. I have witnessed these benefits working closely with my clients, and with my own physical improvement:

  • Serious strength athletes can build muscle on keto.
  • Ketosis is a muscle-sparing physiological environment.
  • Keto is the only nutritional environment that thrives in a caloric deprivation protocol.
  • Ketosis is the ideal nutritional protocol to pair with intermittent fasting.

Now that keto is becoming popular and a buzzword in the weight loss community, I fight misinformation daily. Many are throwing the word ‘keto’ around and have very little understanding of what it truly means. They don’t understand the complexity and fine tuning that is involved in the initial stages (especially) in the adaptation phase. I do. I also have many strong testimonials from real people I work with. I am known as the ‘go-to’ expert in the field and I take that reputation very seriously. Warning: I’m honest, frank, and to the point. I will always tell you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear. My commitment to you is that I will do everything in my power to assist you on your journey.

Because I’ve worked intimately with hundreds of people in the gym and through face to face consulting with their diets weekly for months and even years, I have a distinct perspective and have developed keen problem-solving abilities from my practice. I don’t just coach off a formula, I coach based on your individual experiences and adjust weekly to be sure that you are traveling the most direct route to success.

My 8-Week Coaching Program walks you through the critical adaptation phase of the ketogenic protocol. Keto adaptation can take 8 weeks or more and must be navigated correctly in order to flip the switch to full-time fat burning in nutritional ketosis. Once we get you there, we can decide to carry on and continue in our “accountability” plan which carries tremendous value well beyond the low monthly investment.

I hope you’ll get started with me today. I’ve devoted my entire life to helping others and now I’d like to help you.