There will be resistance. There will always be those who want to derail your efforts and quell your enthusiasm. Some just want to drag you down to their level to justify their lifestyle and remove their guilt. Over the coming weeks, I’ll be talking about these different types of resistance and how to combat each of them. But for today, I’ll be discussing personal trainers and fitness ‘gurus.’

The most annoying form of resistance for me comes from the local gym and online under-educated trainers and fitness ‘gurus’ the “meat-heads” and glistening fitness bunnies who try to derail someone because it’s foreign to them or doesn’t fit their current ideology. When a trainer uses phrases like “You must have carbs” – “You have to at least cycle carbs around your training efforts” or “All that fat will kill you” – then you know you are listening to a trainer who has done little to no personal research, investigating, or has dedicated little in the way of due diligence on the topic. They are acting on ‘bro-science’ – anecdotal evidence – or worse, the nutritional and medical establishment (more on that at a later date). Until scientific evidence supports these claims, then they can keep it to themselves; they are just showing their ignorance and/or bias.

They are threatened! Period. Threatened that they’ll be exposed as wrong, not relevant, or that their way of living will be impacted because their methods are no longer seen as sound. It’s true that everyone is different. But science reveals that athletes training at any level of intensity can thrive on a ketogenic diet provided they apply it correctly and give their body enough time to adapt and become efficient. These individuals will ultimately be rewarded by nailing PRs in the gym, on the road, trail, pool, or wherever. Not to mention the average Jane or Joe who can finally lose substantial body fat and restore their health to optimal levels.

Does everyone need to be keto? No. Can anyone be keto and thrive? Short of a rare genetic anomaly YES! I believe that with everything I am. Not all my clients are keto. That’s fine! I know that until a client is ready to make a wholesale change, then it’s best left unsaid. They will ask on their own when they don’t see the results come as fast as they’d like, or see little improvement in health markers or performance. That’s when I suggest a well-formulated, ketogenic diet protocol. I give them the quick facts, then let them make up their minds if they want to jump in and pursue it. From that point on I pour out all I can on the subject. If they are not interested, or they feel keto is not for them then fine! I tell them to avoid proceed carbs, simple sugars, industrial oils, and consider adding some healthy fats into their diet and leave it there. If someone tells you that “keto is dangerous,” or anything else derogatory about it, contact me and I will guide you through every argument with proven science until you are satisfied. Additionally, it is my goal to cover these arguments on this website and in our online community as they arise with evidence-based results and peer-reviewed studies to support my claims and validate my recommendations.

So, to my peers in the industry, teach your clients whatever you like, (provided it is sound, proven exercise science), and put your own flavor of sauce on it. But please, I implore you, let them know that there are alternatives. And if asked about a ketogenic diet, refer them to someone who has vast personal and professional experience in the trenches. They won’t think any less of you: they will respect you ‘coaching’ them to a nutritional and lifestyle protocol that may benefit them synergistically with the great training you provide. We’re all in this together.

It’s a process. You don’t just reverse decades of being a glucose burner overnight or even in a month or two. It takes time, patience, consistency, grit, willpower, and fight. When you emerge on the other side in a new body, with new energy, and a renewed outlook on living, you’ll never want to go back. As always, let me know what you need.